my best friends wedding...

i thought i would share REALLY QUICKLY just a few photo's from my best friends wedding in hawaii....we just got them so i will eventually share MORE of them...but for now...how fun are these?!

the photography was done by stephen
{i just quickly added in the border & words in photoshop!}

i have lots of projects that i am working on and very excited to show you...so
VERY SOON i will have what i am going to call
real.e.random projects
i just love doing those "trash to treasure" or "before & after" projects...
so i am going to start taking photos and showing them here.

real.e.random photos
real.e.random quotes
just a.lot of real.e.random.ness
coming soon! 


StampinCathy said...

The pics are just beautiful. Can't wait to see all your MOJO goodies.

lynn said...

gorgeous pics, eryn-isn't hawaii wonderful?! i'll be watching for your new goodies:)