whatta lovely surprise

I was visiting my Grandma in her hometown for their yearly September festivities and I was pleasantly surprised when I discoved a little UNITY!
When I caught up with my mom she had said that she had just left the craft sale and was really excited because she found some adorable crafty items. As I opened her shopping bag full of goodies, I was pleasantsly surprised to see that the some of the cards & really neat copper tags that she had purchased where made using Unity stamps.
{my exact thoughts at that moment ...}
oh my goodness...HOORAY...
where did you get these, I
have GOT to meet these crafty ladies right away...

Here is the beautiful Jessica herself {...and me}
Jessica & her mom where both there and create these items together to sell.
They were both SO sweet!
Jessica is a HUGE supporter of Unity and actually talked her local LSS to supply Unity Stamps!!!
{Thanks SO MUCH Jessica!!}
Here are some pictures of their beautiful work...

Visit Jessica and her cute crafty blog when you get a moment.
Thanks for stopping by...
I hope you enjoyed your weekend!


...be INSPIRED...

Friends with Flair Friday at Unity!!
I am making an inspiration book to have on my desk
{yep, here I go again on adding to my office decor!}
I had this flipable desktop photo book that came with these
plastic clear & grey pages...
I am transforming the pages into cute little inspirational pieces
that I can switch up daily...
they are all going to be different in color, theme, idea, etc.
I am just going to roll with
whatever is inspiring me at the moment...
{my favorite quote on the front page}
the best way to predict the future is to create it! ~Alan Kay
{unity} stamps used:
quote stamp & flowers used from
{the flowers were made from the stamps from this kit as well.
i stamped them, cut them out, and used the un-stamped side for this page}

{sept} stampin' store kit
{everything extraordinary}
have you ever heard the song "Free to be Me"
by Francesca Battistelli
Angela used to have it playing on the Unity Blog...
here are the lyrics if you haven't heard it...{click here!}
now i just need to make one that says
"and you're free to be you!"

i've got a BIG HUGE paperclip attached to the last page....
this is where any inspiring quotes, pictures, notes, etc will go
until I have the time to make them all cute & crafty!
I am going to continue to add more & more pages to this book.
Unity has the BEST quote stamps so I already have some
great ideas brewing on a couple of the next ones...
have a FABULOUS weekend!


friday...for REAL?!?!?

wow, is it REALLY friday...again...already!?!?!
WOW, where did the last week even go?
not sure...but none of the less, fabulous AS ALWAYS!
Yesterday was CRAZY at Unity but super FUN!
Did you check out all of the fun stuff?
If you haven't already...
wHo dOeS tHaT??

and...how about all the
Wowzers, talk about some AMAZINGLY creative & inspirational eye candy!
Check them out HERE!
Pay them a visit.
Find the Unity Blinkie.
Leave a comment.
AND WIN some Unity Rubbah!
my boyfriend turned 30 this august so i made him a
cute little book with 30 things i LOVE about him
{here are just a few of the pages...}

{LOVE that flutter stamp...you can get it too :)
...in THIS kit}

gotta love those Stylin' Stars

LOTS of Unity used...
I didn't link them all up but you can find them all at the Unity website!
ENJOY your weekend!


a scrappin' sunday

Hope you enjoyed your weekend, mine was lovely! We had an early birthday celebration for my grandma on Saturday night, she will be 95 on October 2nd! She is such an amazing woman and a true inspiration to me!!! I'll be visiting her again this coming weekend and plan to get a cute scrappy page or book put together with her real soon!
My man was in a golf tournament all weekend which left me with lots of time for crafting & getting stuff done around the house. Here's a layout that I put together today....
Unity Stamp,Love
{pete & i - summer '09}

Unity Stamp,LOVE
Unity Stamp,LOVE
Wholesome Love Unity Stamp
DCWV. the indian summer Fall stack.
My Mind's Eye
Colorbok Metal Heart Accents
{loved these...you get 12 for just $1 at JoAnn Fabrics!}
Have a LOVELY week!


unity friends with flair

Hello & Happy Friday!
It's Friends with Flair Friday at Unity!
I just LOVE this color combination.
I used pretty much the same combo on the little decorative jars I made last week and I just couldn't resist making a card as well. I have already given it to someone very special!

I sometimes struggle with getting a layout put together on cards...
since this layout was working for me, why not use it again, right?!
Unity stamps used:

Check out all the other Unity Friends with Flair by visiting Angela at the Unity Blog.

Enjoy your weekend!!!


...feelin' crafty

Hola! Hello! Bonjour! Aloha! Buona sera! Konnichi wa!
{did i get those all right?...i hope they all mean SOMETHING like hello! :) }
I have been feelin' quite crafty lately, how about you? Maybe it's because the summer is coming to an end and the weather is getting cooler {not that our MN summer this year was all that HOT!} but I have just been lovin up all things crafty! I will admit that it is just so much more enjoyable when you have those creative ideas flowing freely...and rapidly! So much that you can barely work fast enough to get it all on paper...or on canvas, fabric, digitally, ...whatever creative medium you choose. There have been so many nights that I sit down to craft and....hmmmm. doot di do...NOTHING. nah-dah. can't seem to create ANYthing worth while. Have YOU ever had those moments?
Just some quick pics of some scrabble & glass pendants that I have made. Bringing them to Unity tomorrow to share with my fabulous co-workers, well for the LADIES anyway....not sure Chris & the other Unity Boyz would look so great sportin' these pendants! :)

À bientôt
{I sure hope THAT is right as well!}
See you soon!


friday at unity = friends with FLAIR

Friends with Flair...LOVE IT!
My office needed some extra "flair" so I turned these boring clear jars into cute little office supply holders...or maybe I'll stash some candy in them.
hmmmm not quite sure yet!
The stamps that I used are from the Unity Kit Birdie Inspiration
{adorable..and currently ON SALE!}
I love being surrounded by inspiration so these little quotes fit perfect in my office!
I think that sub-consiously my inspiration for these came from Unity DT member Julie Campbell. I just LOVE her style...she always adds the perfect finishing touches and uses ribbon, fabric, even jean material in such unique ways. {thanks for all the inspiration Julie!}

LOOK at that fabulous {day dream} card in the background. Does it look familar? I LOVE LOVE LOVE it. It's actually a card that Maren {fabulous Unity DT member as well!} made a while back. She gave us a TON of fabulous cards when we were at CHA...to share with other customers and for display, BUT there is no way I could give this card up. It makes me HAPPY! {maren, i hope you don't mind that i kept it for myself - it is in my office at Unity for everyone else to see as well!!} :)


...a little more flair for my new chalkboard.
I painted and distressed some cheap frames that I got at a craft store and then painted the boards with chalkboard paint and magnetic paint {yes, they make magnetic paint!} but needed some magnets to match!
So I used a garage sale find - a crossword dictionary for 25 cents! I punched them out, added the cute butterfly stamp from our September Stampin' Store kit, glued everything together and wah-lah! new office flair!
Thanks for stopping by...
If you haven't already, be sure to check out the other fabulous Unity friends with flair...start at the Unity Blog!