enjoy your day!

~ Hello ~
I hope you had a wonderful 4th of July Weekend!!
I was able to spend lots of time with family AND friends - it was PERFECT.
Exhausting...but perfect!
I live in a small town of about 1200 people - the 4th of July celebration here is HUGE! Thousands & thousands of people come from all over to celebrate in our little town of Spicer...which is quite possibly how the phrase "Spicer is Nicer" was coined. I have to say there have been many moments when I wish that I lived in the BIG city - but will admit that I LOVE this little town of Spicer...
were it IS nicer. :)
I didn't have much time for crafting this weekend but I did want to post this card. I should have switched out the Black for Blue and made it a little more festive for the Holiday...but it is what it is. :)
From the May Kit of the Month ~ enjoy your day!

I hope you enjoy your day!!


de said...

LOVE your card! Your hometown sounds great! I grew up outside of Washington DC and always wanted to live/be from a small city instead. Guess we always want what we don't have! LOL. Glad your 4th was fun! I'm going to have to case your card! :-)

Karen said...

Great card, Eryn!! Love the colors, classy!
I think Spicer's population went up slightly(ha) for the weekend!
We slipped in and out for a couple of events...too crazy!!
But what a fabulous celebration!!

Sherry said...

Eryn, Love your card and definitely wish I would have purchased that kit when I got my first kit in June.
Your little town sounds wonderful and as I get older I wish I lived in a small town instead of the city (Minneapolis).


Brooke said...

Hi! I recently discovered your blog and I love your style! Cute card!