NEW Vintage Glam Packaging

i have created NEW packaging for all of my

all items ordered will be packaged in a white envelope
with an inspirational message attached...
all the gift wrapping is DONE for you!

the quotes are glued to a small clothes pin
you could attach a thumbtack to the back and
add a FUN FLAIR to your office bulletin board...
or add a MAGNET to the back and
use it on your fridge to clip you grocery or "to do" list!

so whatcha think?

did you SEE my NEWEST additions to my site?

{they are some of my MOST FAVORITE
pieces that i have added to my jewelry line!}

thanks for stopping by...
i am VERY GRATEFUL you did!  :)


Lesley Langdon said...

i think it's REALLY aweome! I love your store, you have such GREAT style and an eye for color and packaging! It's really beautiful.

Maria Gurnsey said...

GORGEOUS!!!! Just LOVE all you make...but you knew that right?!? ;)

Erin said...

Amazing talent! I think this packaging is awesome and a perfect fit with your product!

StampinCathy said...

WOW! The new packaging is just AWESOME my friend.

lynn said...

simply beautiful!