NEW Vintage Glam Packaging

i have created NEW packaging for all of my

all items ordered will be packaged in a white envelope
with an inspirational message attached...
all the gift wrapping is DONE for you!

the quotes are glued to a small clothes pin
you could attach a thumbtack to the back and
add a FUN FLAIR to your office bulletin board...
or add a MAGNET to the back and
use it on your fridge to clip you grocery or "to do" list!

so whatcha think?

did you SEE my NEWEST additions to my site?

{they are some of my MOST FAVORITE
pieces that i have added to my jewelry line!}

thanks for stopping by...
i am VERY GRATEFUL you did!  :)


Lesley Langdon said...

i think it's REALLY aweome! I love your store, you have such GREAT style and an eye for color and packaging! It's really beautiful.

Anonymous said...

GORGEOUS!!!! Just LOVE all you make...but you knew that right?!? ;)

Erin said...

Amazing talent! I think this packaging is awesome and a perfect fit with your product!

StampinCathy said...

WOW! The new packaging is just AWESOME my friend.

lynn said...

simply beautiful!