my January 2010....

Can you believe it is ALREADY February???
WOW, how time files when you're having FUN, huh!
So I have always thought that it would be fun to try out the "take a photo every day for 365 days" of just anything about the day. Something that will make you remember that day! BUT here's the deal...realistically thinking, I KNOW that I would miss a day...or well, let's be honest...many more than that! So I decided to do the next best thing and just re-cap my month!
So here's a little peak into my JANUARY 2010...

Spending time with my wonderful FAMILY! We decided to go bowling and WE HAD A BLAST! I was laughing so hard my stomach hurt, don't you LOVE that!?!? Unfortunately, my little brother Matt had to work so he wasn't able to join us! :(
In this pic
Peter {my man} ;)
My mom - Sharon,
My dad, - Joel
Big Brother Eric,
My FAVORITE Sister in law - Elyse,
and of course my favorite Niece & Nephew
Emersyn & Cayden

New Year's Day!
I spent it with MY MAN and GREAT FRIENDS!
We LAUGHED, JOKED AROUND, & even did a little DANCING...
a day we will never forget! :)
Peter had 12 beautiful red roses delivered to me at work in celebration of our 1 year anniversary! They were GORGEOUS!!

Remember....I live in MINNESOTA!
We had an ICE STORM and numerous snow storms...
I am definitely NOT a fan of the cold, however I do have to admit that sometimes it is kinda "pretty."

We {Unity} were in Anaheim, CA for the CHA convention...WE HAD A BLAST! I am so lucky to be able to work with these fabulous ladies EVERY DAY...trust me, we know how to have a good time together whether we are working or playing!
We are the {ippity} girls!!
I had SO MUCH fun meeting the {ippity} design team girls Eva, Michelle, and Kelly IN REAL LIFE!
In the picture above: Eva, Michelle, Me, Angela, Michelle, and Kelly!
ALL of these women have such AMAZING talents...I am honored to call them all my FRIENDS! :) We missed hanging out with the Lisa & Maria...our other 2 FABULOUS {ippity} designers!!
{check them all out by clicking on the links above on my blog sidebar!}

My favorite crafty project of the month...
an {ippity} Welcome banner using the Alphabetically Adorable stamp set!

On our way home from CHA, I was able to experience SUSHI for the 1st time! I had no idea there were so many different kinds to choose from...I got the variety pack!
YUMMY!! ...I think I am HOOKED!
Hope your 2010 has started off with a GREAT start!


Jenn said...

Looks like an awesome month! I can't believe it was your first time having sushi! YUMMY STUFF!

Kelly Landers said...

What a great month it looks like you had!! I can see the joy in the picture with you and Peter... what a cute couple! And we have more in common than I thought...my mom's name is Sharon too, and I LOVE sushi!!! I am so glad you tried it... next CHA we are getting some!! LOL!

Jen said...

Such a fun and memorable month! I tried the 365 photo's and never made it through the first month! But showing your month in highlights is a great idea...thanks for the inspiration!

JenMarie said...

Great pics!
LOVE that 'welcome'!